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Ultrasorbs Extra Strength Drypad Underpads UNDERPAD DRYPAD ULTRASORB ES LP 31X36 Excellent strength with extremely durable backsheet that adheres to Q2 turning, boosting and repositioning protocol for patients up to 375 poundsHelps prevent skin breakdown with trapping film that protects against leaks and helps reduce full bed linen changesProtects bedding and permits air flow with air permeable cloth like backsheet, suitable for low air loss mattress therapyAdvanced super absorbent core with high performing absorbent polymers lie flat when wet without bunching, swelling or disintegrating Specifications Values Packaging 50 Each 5 Bag Case ManufSupplier Medline ManufSupplierNum USAP3136ESLPV Assorted Sizes Ultra Color Super Absorbent Polymer Dressing Type White HPIS Code Ultrasorbs Extra Strong Latex Free 50090100 Length Yards Inner Pack Material Yes UNSPSC Air Permeable Width Inches 36 X 31 GTIN 10884389187388 HCPCS HCPCS Code NOT COVERED BY MEDICARE CHECK REIMBURSEMENT WITH MEDICAID $66.95

Medline Ultrasorbs Extra Strength Drypad Underpad Ultrasorb Es Lp 1X Box.

Bed Protectors Disposable Underpad.

Medline Ultrasorbs Extra Strength Underpads can reduce the frequency of having to.

Healthy Spirit Ultra Absorbency Disposable Underpads Extra Thick Fluff with Polymer XL Size 0 X Peach Count.

Ultrasorbs Extra Strength Drypad and Underpad. Buy Medline Ultrasorbs ES Underpads Extra Strength Drypad and Underpad. Lift Support back sheet.

Unlike conventional underpads our Ultrasorbs and Extrasorbs drypads.

High strength pad and film provide exceptional resistance to tearing and linen changes. Ref A 0 B F1F 0A 1 A E CD 1 D Ref B NYCEDGE0 1 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T 1 Z. Ultrasorbs ES lets the user move lift and position up to pounds. It offers maximum absorbency and be used as an overnight underpad. White Absorbent Polymer Ultrasorbs Extra Strength Drypad and Underpad Aetrex Extra Wide Width Ambulator Shoes By Alimed Shoe Whookloop Blck Leathr Men 12 Xwide.

Medline Ultrasorbs AP Drypads Super Absorbent Disposable Underpad 0 x Standard Blood Collection Needles Needle Bloodcollect 22gx15.

Buy Medline Extrasorbs Extra Strength Disposable Drypad Underpads 0 x. Pack Depend Incontinence Bed Protectors Disposable Underpad.

Underpads for most patients with this extra strength drypad and drawpad.

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