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STS Tubular Casting Slipper Socks SOCK SLIPPER X LARGE 100PR CS Innovative casting product for foot orthotics Ultra fast setting resin Creates foot mold in under 2 minutes without using plaster Specifications Values Packaging 100 Pair 10 box Case ManufSupplier Synthetic Tubular Socks ManufSupplierNum 903 XL Assorted Sizes White Color 760101600 Dressing Type Yes HPIS Code Resin Latex Free 42131507 GTIN HCPCS HCPCS Code NO CODE PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET HCPCS SPECIFICATIONS $1410.95

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How to Make Non Slip Socks.

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The Slipper Sock is an exciting new innovative casting product that will benefit both you and your patients when casting for foot orthotics Specialist Plaster Of Paris Splints. Making Your Own Slipper Socks With Non Slip Strips Custom Crafts Duration 1 1. Graf STS Company Slipper Sock Cast Scotchcast Soft Cast Casting Tape By 3m Healthcare Tape Casting Soft Purple 2 X 4 Yds. A tutorial of a mess free casting technique using an STS slipper sock by the langer group. How to protect the leg position the foot and ankle and then remove the.

STS Slipper socks are available from The Langer. This video demonstrates how to take a leg cast using a STS sock Matrx Elite Deep Back Seat 18 X 18 19.

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STS Tubular Casting Socks are made from fiberglass and spandex fibers that are knit in a tube like shape and then impregnated with water curable Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream Moisturizer Nourishing Skin Crm Unsc 4oz.

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