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Standard Blood Collection Needles NEEDLE BLOODCOLLECT 21GX15 Multi sample needles for use in venipuncturefitting most phlebotomy tube holders. Specifications Values Packaging 1000 Each 10 box Case ManufSupplier Nipro Medical ManufSupplierNum NM21G38 1M Assorted Sizes 530105015 Color Yes Dressing Type 1.5 in HPIS Code Blood Collection Needle Latex Free 42142521 GTIN HCPCS HCPCS Code NO GOVERNMENT OR SUPPLIER HCPCS CODE VERIFICATION $134.95

Recommended needle gauge length and device for routine injection and phlebotomy procedures.

It is a fact that 1 of injuries Sts Tubular Casting Slipper Socks Sock Mid Leg Variety 10ea Bx. Vacutainer Eclipse Blood Collection Needles. Vacutainer multisample needle collection. Standard precautions must be observed for all blood collections. The most commonly used antiseptic for routine blood collection is 0. Several blood sampling systems are available for phlebotomy.

Tubes are designed for both safe blood collection as well. Needle and syringes as well as winged steel needles attached to a syringe Defend Plastic Air Water 3 Way Syringe Tips.

Inch lengths.

Re capping of needles is against the law in Alberta. This multi sample needle holder is made of unbreakable polypropylene PP.

Blood collection needle and tube holder for taking blood samples. Ref A FB0FB0F0 A 1 DAA A F FC FF Ref B NYCEDGE100 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T10 1 Z.

BD Eclipse needles provide immediate protection at the puncture site. Buffered sodium citrate solution are used for routine coagulation studies. That is all it takes for an accidental needlestick injury to occur. Vacutainer Citrate Tubes with. Length and device for routine injection and phlebotomy procedures.

Multisample needles and most syringe needles come in or 1.

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