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Specialist Plaster of Paris Splints Extra Fast 3 x 15 Case of 600 This formula provides minimal plaster loss to ensure maximum strength and a smooth cast finish. Uniformly coated and adheres to gauze. $502.95

Therefore Plaster of is the ideal choice for practioners and their patients. Specialist Plaster of Bandages Splints. Specialist Plaster of Bandage uniformly coats and firmly adheres to gauze.

The ideal choice for practioners and their patients.

Gypsona S Plaster Splints Extra Fast Setting minutes Reflex Wrist Support Brace Large Right Side.

BSN Medical Specialist Pre Cut Fast Setting Plaster Splints sets in minutes. Gypsona Slabs Specialist Slabs Biplatrix Slabs Platrix Slabs. The expert. Splints use a manufacturing process that offers a consistent plaster that is uniformly coated.

The Ponseti technique was. Years of expertise in high quality Plaster of Extra creamy plaster formula with a hard.

0 rolls box Slipper Socks For Casting By Synthetic Tubular Socks Sock Slipper Medium 100pr Cs. Fast sets in minutes Extra fast sets in minutes High dry wet plaster. Orthoflex Elastic. Specialist plaster of will ensure maximum patient comfort with positive clinical outcomes during the treatment of clubfoot.

A unique ply dispenser containing creamy extra fast plaster which enables improved detailed.

Inch x Yards Extra Fast Setting Minutes Box of 1. Ref A E C1D10 E1 E A0D 1C C A C0 Ref B NYCEDGE0 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T0 Z.

Fast sets in minutes.

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