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Specialist J Splint Plaster Roll Immobilizer by BSN Medical SPLINT PLASTER ROLL 2 With a foam and stockinette configuration, the Specialist® J Splint® Plaster Roll Immobilizer allows for quick, low cost application. It is packaged in a roll format, allowing custom cut lengths, thereby eliminating waste. Specifications Values Packaging 1 Each 1 Roll Case ManufSupplier Bsn Medical Inc ManufSupplierNum 7332 Assorted Sizes 550106020 Color No Dressing Type 42241506 GTIN HCPCS HCPCS Code NO GOVERNMENT OR SUPPLIER HCPCS CODE VERIFICATION $116.95

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Dressed by applying an additional roll of cast tape to.

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To use premade plaster splints for temporary immobilization e. Choudhri A. Casting and splinting immobilization.

Side of it used to immobilize body parts.

Padding is wrapped circumferentially around the extremity rolling the material. Of plaster or fiberglass. Although the general principle of immobilizing sprains and. Ref A B 1F BC0 BF A 1 10A 0 EA1E Ref B NYCEDGE100 Ref C 0 0 0 11T1 0 1 Z Pegassist Insole System By Darco Insole Peg Assist Mens Medium. BENJAMIN MD University of Chicago Chicago Illinois.

The use of plaster splints in the form of prefabricated splint rolls e.

Casting involves circumferential application of plaster or fiberglass. Specialist padding uses micropleated cotton fibers that relax when moistened. Shalini Narayana Kilintari Asim F. Casts and splints serve to immobilize orthopedic injuries Table 1.

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