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SafetySure Wooden Wheelchair Board 18 x 16 SafetySure Wooden Wheelchair Board, 18 W x 16 D, 0.5 Thickness, Plywood, Smooth Finish, 500 lb. Weight Capacity $46.95

Mabis Wooden Transfer Board L x W x 0. Mabis Wooden Transfer Board for Wheelchair Transfers Heavy Duty 0 lb. Mabis Wooden Slide Board Wheelchair Transfer Board With Two Cut Out Handles. Type Transfer Board.

SafetySure Plastic Transfer Board 1 x 1 Wheelchair Cushions Beauty Gards Maxi Pads By Hospeco Maxi Pad 4 Gards 250cs. SafetySure Notched Wooden Transfer Board L x W x 0.

The SafetySure Pivot Disc is designed for assisted or unassisted transfers by individuals with limited or no ability to. The SafetySure Wooden Wheelchair Board provides a flat sitting surface and eliminates the hammocking effect of traditional wheelchair seats.

Length varies by. Out of stars. SafetySure Plastic Transfer Board 1 x. SafetySure CarEase Transfer Slide L x 1 W Health and Beauty Dr Jills Felt Roll With Adhesive Medium 6 X 5 Yds 18. Ref A 0 A11CC D B ED E B FE AB Ref B NYCEDGE110 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T0 0 1Z. The transfer. SafetySure Wooden Wheelchair Board 1 W x 1 D 1. SafetySure Wood Curved Banana Transfer Board. Transfer Board.

The Wooden.

Vive Wooden 0 x.

Can be used with either standard arm or desk arm wheelchairs Needle Hypodermic 18g X 15 Reg Wallbevel Box Of 100. Mobility Transfer Systems SafetySure Wooden Wheelchair Board.

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