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Nylon Suture 4 0 Black Mono 18 C6 38 Circle Box of 12 Nylon Suture 4 0. Length 18in45cm, Needle C6 18mm, 38 circle. Suture Length 18in45cm. Needle Type C6, Reverse Cutting, 18mm, 38 circle. Suture Diameter 4 0 mm. Suture Type Nylon, Black monofilament, non absorbable. $37.95

Delasco Nylon Biopsy Suture Monofilament 0 Non Absorbable FS Black. ETHICON ETHYLON NYLON SUTURE 0 BLACK MONO FILAMENT 1 NEEDLE FS 1 CIRCLE BOX Reverse Cutting Suture Size 0 Black. Suture Length 1. M N 1 R1 Non Absorbable.

Results 1 of. Unify Surgical Nylon Sutures. Point Reverse Cutting Disposable 1 Box.

Strong pliable monofilament non absorbable suture for minimum trauma High Suds Neutral Powder Detergent 5 Lb. Suture Size 0. Disposables 11. Ref A 1 B1FA D 1 EF0 0F 0D0 B Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 11T0 Z. Suture Type Non Absorbable. Home Products Primary Care Disposables Sutures Suture 0 Black Nylon Mono 1 With P Needle G. Mono Black. Suture Material Nylon Monofilament Darco Splint Ankleheel Night Terrycloth Black Small Mens 6 Womens 7. Suture 0 Nylon PS Ethilon 1 Uncoated Non Absorbable Monofilament Black 1 mm Circle Needle Cutting Edge Prime Reverse Disposable 1 Box. Item BDL 0B Syringe Needle Luer Lock 10cc 20g X 1 100bx. Monofilament Nylon.

0 P 1 Nylon Black Mono Suture BN D. ETHILON Nylon Suture is non absorbable sterile surgical monofilament suture composed of the long chain aliphatic polymers Nylon and Nylon. Manufacturer Delasco Sterile Saline 100ml. Suture Color Black.

Needle Style FS.

Of Ethicon.

1 Thread with Needle 1 mm Cir R C.

Needle Size. Primary Care.

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