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Needle Hypodermic 26G x 38 Reg WallBevel Sterile Box of 100 BD general use sterile Hypodermicdermic needle. Regular wall type and regular Bevelel $17.95

The length of a needle is indicated by the number after the gauge a g 1 is a gauge 0.

NEEDLE STERILE CONVENTIONAL Needle Hypodermic G x 0. SKU ND 01 MPN 00 00.

BD Medical Systems 0 1 Needle Regular Bevel Sterile 100 bx 10 bx cs Continental US Only.

Needles Syringes Needles.

Becton Dickinson. Hypodermic Needle G x 1 Brown. BD Wall type Regular wall How sterilized Radiation.

Care Touch Hypodermic Needle Gauge x 1 Pack of 100. Syringes latex free non pyrogenic individually.

SPECIALTY USE HYPODERMIC NEEDLES. Add to Cart. Product group BD Wall type Regular wall How sterilized Radiation Minimed 530g With Enlite 751 Purple.

This is the only size available for butterflies but they are also available as regular needles as well. Catalog No Defend Non Sterile Bouffant Caps 24 Blue 100 Per Box 10 Per Case. Ref C 0 0 0 T0 Z Drs Remedy Defense Deep Red. Dynarex Hypodermic Needle G 1 Size Pack of 1000 Cbcii Blood Conservation Kits By Stryker Mbo Drain Cbcii Quick Disconnect 18rnd.

Ref A CFA CC B1 0 A 011 0 B B Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 T0 Z. Needle G x Regular Bevel Sterile Gauge x Size Box of 100 10. BD Microlance Needles Brown g x x 100.

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