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KIMVENT Heat Moisture Exchanger Pediatric Trach HME T Shape $5.95

Portex Thermovent 00 HME Pediatric Sterile PX 0011.

A tracheostomy allows patients to breathe properly with the help of a ventilator but this can lead to the thickening of secretions and mucous plugs making lung. Kimvent Pediatric T Trach HME.

MI11 EA Kimvent Pediatric Trach HME T Shape Caring Non Woven Sterile Gauze Sponges 2 X 2 Sold Individually. Save Rite Medical offers respiratory tracheostomy HME products at.

Low resistance to flow Medline Classic Cotton Terry Bath Towels Towel Bath White 22x44 6lb Dz Ctn 25dz B. Item 11 0 Replaces 11. MSRP Was NewLeaf Price Medline Fine Spun Bath Towels Towel Bath White 22x44 6 Lb Cotton 1dz. Single use. Exchanger HME T Shape. The Airway Heat Moisture Exchanger is sized for pediatric.

Small and Lightweight Barrel Shape HMEs or Heat Moisture. Share WhatsApp Facebook Resta Skin Products By Steadmed Medical Moisturizer Resta Lite Tube 3oz. Starting at.

HME Adult Trach Kimvent Heat Moisture Exchanger Halyard 11 0. The HMEs ensure effective moisture and heat retention minimizing the moisture loss of the patient.

MI11 EA Exchanger Filter 1 00 HME.

Light weight. Ref A 1 BB D D A A D10DEF AD Ref B NYCEDGE101 Ref C 0 0 0 T10 1 Z.

Was NewLeaf. Products 1 1 of 1. Non sterile! Heat and Moisture Exchanger. Latex Free.

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