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Delta Cast Soft Polyester Cast Tapes by BSN Medical TAPE CAST POLYESTER BLUE 4X4YDS Delta Cast Soft Semi Rigid Polyester Cast TapeDelta Cast Soft is a semi rigid polyester non fiberglass cast tape, which allows for greater range of movement, earliermobility and reduces some of the problems of rigid immobilization, such as muscle atrophy. It is mainly used in pediatric applications, such as club foot treatment and serial casting, as well as customized support.Advanced TechnologyDelta Cast Soft is a unique, high tech construction of polyester and polyurethane resin that combines safety, functionality and comfort into one product. Delta Cast Soft will hold its form and not delaminate, even as a removable cast.VersatilityDelta Cast Soft is an excellent choice for functional immobilization, providing support while allowing a limited range of motion. By varying the layers of the cast, the support can be customized to the patient's needs.ComfortDelta Cast Soft polyester substrate delivers a smooth surface and soft edges that provide greater patient comfort and satisfaction. A semi rigid cast minimizes the rehabilitation period by allowing the patient to continue with some daily activities.Ease of Application and RemovalThe unique Delta Cast Soft construction offers consistent unrolling tension, ideal work and set times and a highly conformable, multi directional knit. Delta Cast Soft can be removed with scissors or unwrapping. The use of a cast saw is optional. Specifications Values Packaging 10 Each 1 box Case ManufSupplier Bsn Medical Inc ManufSupplierNum 7270825 Assorted Sizes 550101400 Color Yes Dressing Type 42241500 GTIN HCPCS HCPCS Code NO CODE PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET HCPCS SPECIFICATIONS $131.95

Semi Rigid Polyester Casting Tape. Fibreglass free semi rigid casting tape. Rigid polyester casting bandage can be combined with high rigidity cast tapes for greater support.

Excellent conformability with soft edges excellent lamination and a smooth finish. And bed linens Soft edges for improved patient comfort and compliance. The new fiberglass free Delta Cast Soft was designed to provide functional. Delta Cast Soft is fibreglass free and was.

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only. Patented elastic polyester yarns offer excellent conformability for wrinkle free Bird Cronin Lister Bandage Scissor 725. Ref A E1A EAFB B A DBF 0 CE111 0 Ref B NYCEDGE11 0 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T0 Z.

BSN Medical 0 0 Tape Casting Delta Cast II Polyester 1 x Yd Soft LF White 10 Ca.

Highly radiolucent cast tape that allows for x ray inspection without cast removal. Is one of the most desired product features in the application of cast tapes. Delta Cast Elite is a light weight non fiberglass but rigid cast which was designed to. Delta Cast Soft was designed to provide functional. BSN Medical Delta Cast Elite Polyester Casting Tape conformable polyester yarns synthetic resin strong high durability smooth finish.

Delta Cast Conformable is water activated knitted polyester tape that. Description.

Patented multi directional polyester substrate for excellent conformability and.

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