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CURAD Sterile Medi Strips 18 x 3 Box of 50 Adhesive wound closures with an exceptionally porous spunbound fiber backing, includes bilateral nylon filaments for high tensile strength Hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive affords excellent adhesion while being gentle to the skin CURAD medi strips can be used in addition to, or in place of, sutures Each size is in a color coded package for quick and easy size identification Not made with natural rubber latex $61.95

Comfortable sterile adhesive strips used to secure and provide low tension support for small cuts. Results 1 of 10. Fastest delivery Tuesday Aug 1 Details. A sterile breathable adhesive strip reinforced with polymer filaments for strong reliable closure. Most trusted brands.

1 X Yd Each. CURAD Sterile Plain Packing Strips Get the lowest price on CURAD Sterile Plain Packing.

Medline CURAD Sterile Iodoform Packing Strips 1 x Yd NON 1 H Pack Pegassist Insole System By Darco Insole Peg Assist Square Toe Xs Ea. Buy Discounted. Nexcare Steri Strip Skin Closures Assorted Sizes 1 Count. By MedLine NON 0 1 Z NON 0 1 Sterile Medi Strips ON SALE by MedLine NON 0 1 Z NON 0 1 Z NON 011 Z NON 0 1 Sterile Medi Strips 1 x White Pack of 000 on FREE SHIPPING.

Ref A C D BA 1 CBC 1 F C Ref B NYCEDGE0 1 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T 0 1 0Z. Medline NON 011 Curad Medi Strips Reinforced Wound Closure Strips Sterile 1 inch x 1 1 inch strips per pack 0 packs per box. Curad Sterile Medi Strips ON SALE by MedLine NON 0 1 Z NON 0 1 H NON 0 1 Z NON 0 1 Z. Nexcare Steri Strip Skin Closure 1 X Inches 1 Count. Vaseline Petrolatum Gauze x 1.

Plastic Adhesive Bandage Strip x.

CURAD Sterile Medi Strips 1 x.

M Steri Strip Reinforced Sterile Skin Closures 10 Pack R1 1 1 x.

Coverplast Classic Fabric Adhesive Dressings.

M H1 NEXCARE STERI STRIP SKIN CLOSURES 1 x 1 STRIPS PER. Sterile Curad Sterile Medi Strips 18 X X Ray Detectable Lap Sponges 1 x 1.

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