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COSMOPOR Border Wound Dressing 32 x 6 ST Box of 25 Self adhesive wound dressing made of a soft non woven fabric as support material, with a wound dressing pad covered with a non adherent microgrid wound contact layer highly absorbent and good padding effect rapid drainage of exudate through to the microgrid layer skin friendly through a hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive. Adhesive wound dressing with a microgrid layer to prevent adhesion. For the postoperative wound treatment but also for the sterile treatment of minor injuries, e.g. in first aid in patients with very sensitive skin. $17.95

The HEALQU Waterproof Adhesive Border Foam Dressing absorbs up to 10. PROF PROD VER 0.

Dressing pad highly absorbent and good padding effect skin friendly through a hypoallergenic. Surgical Dressings and pads for moderate to highly exuding skin wounds.

DUKAL ECLYPSE BOOT SUPER ABSORBENT DRESSING CR X LARGE X A 1. Product Information. Helps with wound healing by keeping skin from breaking down. It also helps with wound healing by keeping skin from breaking down. Mepilex Border Dressings 1 x 10 size options available. SHA f e 1 b d c ef 1 d1 dd f b 01 d. Foam Wound Dressing with Adhesive Border. Cosmopor E is a self adhesive sterile island wound dressing which is ideal for the postoperative wound treatment but it can also be used for the sterile treatment. Buy Cosmopor Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressing 00 0 Box of at Walmart. Wound Care COSMOPOR STERIL ISLAND DRSG X 00 A 0.

The wide adhesive border is coated with a strong non sensitizing polyacrylate adhesive that is.

Sold shipped by Kings Medical Supplies LLC. Buy Cosmopor Steril x Box of on FREE SHIPPING on.

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Et al A multi centre in market evaluation of ALLEVYN Gentle Border Wounds UK 00 Defend Barrier Envelopes Size 1 100 Per Box 100 Per Case.

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