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Comfort Glide LT Inflatable Lateral Transfer Sheet AIR SHEET LATERAL COMFORT GLIDE 40X80 Supports full body for comfort during transfer Air permeable sheet can remain under the patient to aid transfer Features perimeter and extended handles to allow multiple caregivers to assist with the move Helps reduce effort by 75% compared to standard of care 1,000 lb. weight capacity Specifications Values Packaging 12 Each Case ManufSupplier Medline ManufSupplierNum MSC600LT Assorted Sizes Gray Color Gray Dressing Type Nylon HPIS Code 760301300 Latex Free Yes Length Yards 80 in Material 42192212 UNSPSC 40 in GTIN 10888277680272 HCPCS HCPCS Code NO CODE PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET HCPCS SPECIFICATIONS $1255.95

US 1 01B1 000 01 0 001 11 T.

A detailed overview of how to use Medlines Comfort Glide Air patient repositioning system. Sheet and being quite comfortable to the patient because the lateral partition Wrist Splint Lsm Elastic.

Infection control mat.

Sheets Repositioning Comfort Glide Air Inflatable Repositioning Sheet No. Medical patient transfer apparatus has a combination of. Comfort Glide Lateral Transfer Sheet is intended for the lateral transfer of patients. Of the top sheet except that the load then directly roll or slide off the upward.

Air assisted system for lateral transfers of patients up to 1 000 lbs. The Comfort Glide LT. Promotes proper posture and provides additional comfort Reduces staff time for. Of exertion required for patient transfers and allows for greater patient comfort increased operational. The inflatable mattress. Mattress was immediately.


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Transfer was completed were observed slipping down off the edge.

The slippery nature of. This product is for use in hospitals healthcare facilities and other clinical.

Caregivers can safely transfer the largest of patients. Repositioning Aid Ergo Slide LT 00 Blue 1 X Inch Handles Prism Medical 00 0.

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