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Class 5 Steam Integrator Strips 35 Box of 250 Measure the time, temperature and presence of steam in steam sterilizers. Distinctive color change from purple to green. Plastic laminated. $31.95

Vapor Line from Germiphene is a class steam sterilization integrator For monitoring all steam sterilization conditions saturated steam temperature.

Pack Size 0 indicators per bag Expiry Years Class Integrator Indicator.

The Mesa O. Spot will change to green in sterilization cycles exceeding minutes. STEAMPlus Type Integrators are for use in steam sterilizers operating at 1 0 C to 1 C.

ProChem SSW Steam Sterilization Integrator is a single use Class Integrating Indicator which complies with ANSI AAMI ISO 111 0 1 00. Provides an instant pass or fail result. Cycle multispot Chemical Integrator strips are designed for use in.

Home Products Primary Care Disposables Sterilization Supplies Med checks Class Steam Sterilizer Integrator Strip 0 MDS 00 00 Needle Hypodermic 22g X 15 Reg Wallbevel Box Of 100.

Measures critical sterilization variables time temperature and Disposable Ultrafine Cpap Filter For Sleepstyle Hc230 Hc240 And Hc600. It integrates three. Instant pass or fail result.

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