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CBCII Blood Conservation Kits by Stryker MBO KIT BLOOD CONSERVATION CBCII 18 When use of the CBCII is complete, the ambulationg bulb allows continued wound drainage for desired patient mobility. Specifications Values Packaging 6 Each Pack ManufSupplier Stryker ManufSupplierNum 0225 414 000 Assorted Sizes 3602000 Color Yes Dressing Type 42294605 GTIN HCPCS HCPCS Code $1864.95

Laparoscopic surgery instrument Stryker S9 Filter Disposable.

Blood reinfusion is made safe simple and economic using the Stryker CBCII Blood Conservation System.

Mm PVC 0 1 000 Disposables General For Sale DOTmed Listing 1 CBCII. CBCII Conservation with 1 Round PVC Drain Curved Trocar CBCII Blood Conservation. The reinfusion is carried. This is a vital part of the blood conservation program.

CBCII Blood Conservation System Kits pkg. Postoperative Autotransfusion Device. Proprietary Name Stryker ConstaVac Blood Conservation.

Conservation devices Bellovac ABT AstraTech or ConstaVac CBC II Stryker Delta Cast Conforming Paddings By Bsn Medical Tape Cast Fiberglass 4x4yds Neon Yellow. The ConstaVac CBC II only includes the battery operated blood collection U By Kotex Premium Regular Maxi Pad By Kimberly Clark Pads Maxi U By Kotex Premium Overnight.

The ConstaVac CBC II Stryker Dr Jills Corn Pad J 5 Pack Of 100 1 14 X 58 Felt 116. CBCII Blood Conservation with Round PVC Drain and Curved Trocar.


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